Which services do we provide?

Hospital Care supervision, focusing on the quality of the care and cost containment. Dictamination of major medical expenses and qualification of refunds Comprehensive assessment of clinical cases.
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Home health care services. Clinical follow-up of chronic / degenerative patients. Clinical evaluation of the candidates to fill a vacancy, including the clinical analyses and the studies that are required.
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Procedures of incapacities by disabilities at a National level before the IMSS. Clinical support in Companies for first contact medical help (Occupational Health) and monitoring of adherence to treatment programs. Certification of beneficiaries to access the medical services.
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Comprehensive assessment of processes and quality service in the hospital. Clinical support for the legal defense of labor demands. Integration and development of databases, for the control and monitoring of hospitalized patients.
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Management of Medical Network and Health Services Providers Scheduled  Surgery Opinion Integrated Health Diagnostics Business 
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